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Let’s Grow Together


Are you ready to get started?

Lilac Social is dedicated to helping new and established business owners take care of all the details they need to grow and be successful.

Browse our site to see the type of services offered and get in touch to book a free consultation.

Imagine if you could

Have time in the day to accomplish what you want, not just what you need

Delegate what you can't keep managing yourself

Scale your operation with less risk and less capital

Improve processes, products, and services

Increase customer engagement efforts

Have peace of mind

Let's Work Together

Lilac Social partners with every new client to help them improve the way they work. Take a look at the types of services offered below, and explore how we can start helping you shape and grow your business today.



Want to see if we're a good fit?

I'm Taylor, Founder of Lilac Social

After working in the corporate world, I decided to branch out on my own as a professional Virtual Assistant in 2021. I’m based in New Jersey, but I have worked with clients from all over the world. No matter what you need to ensure your business succeeds, I can provide it for you. Above all, I take away the stress so that you can focus on what really matters.

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